Total Coliforms
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Total Coliforms Service

Also known as indicator organisms, Coliforms are microorganisms that imply the presence of potentially harmful pathogens in certain food products. Though Coliforms exist within environments where the harmful bacterium can spread and survive, not every coliform has proved to be dangerous enough to require remediation. If you think that your conditions are suitable for pathogens like Coliform, reach out to Mithula Analytics for Coliform Testing. We provide consulting, training, research, and support services for the detection and prevention of harmful bacteria like Coliform.

What is Coliform Testing?

The presence of coliform bacteria in a given sample indicates that the food product is contaminated with bacteria-contaminated water. Testing for Coliform with Mithula Analytics can stop the spread of the virus or any disease-causing organisms in the food products. Mithula Analytics can modify existing practices in order to eliminate the possibility that food products can come into contact with harmful bacteria without any issues.

How can we help?

Mithula Analytics can detect total coliforms in drinking water, surface water, or groundwater using a variety of techniques. We simultaneously detect and quantify both total coliforms as well as Escherichia coli and provide you with timely results without any setbacks.

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