Certificate of Analysis
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Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of analysis is a document attesting that specific goods have undergone specified testing with specified results. By deploying our analytical services and state-of-the-art testing instruments, we can offer qualified Certificate of Analysis (COA) for several establishments out there. Issued for quality assurance our COA confirms that certain products meet the necessary quality and safety standards. By conducting all the necessary tests, we provide our customers with a wide range of analytical services to aid them to understand the composition as well as the quality of the chemical substance that is used in specific products or services. We can provide a Certificate of Analysis for:

Laboratory testing for Certificate of Analysis: Mithula Analytics pioneering quality testing

By using our avant-garde analytical instrumentation and a blend of techniques, we can carry out an objective analysis of several raw materials to ensure that the products meet the assigned specification by compliance regulatory bodies. 

All the raw materials can be tested in our lab for critical parameters to find out what influences the quality and performance of the end product. Our bespoke testing services are conducted to help organizations meet the scientific research and laboratory testing needs without any hiccups.

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