Rancidity Testing
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Rancidity Testing Service

At Mithula Analytics, we specialize in providing rancidity testing services for a bewildering range of commercial, industrial as well as lab-based establishments out there. The quality of all our testing services is kept at par and the best part is the prices are reasonable for all our testing facilities.

What is rancidity testing?

Rancidity is fundamentally a condition produced by the aerial oxidation of unsaturated fats present in foods as well as other products and it is marked by an unpleasant flavor or odor. Rancidity testing is exponentially used in the food, feed as well as pet food industries as an indication for product stability as well as quality. Product-appropriate testing is a vital component in determining the shelf-life of a product and the quality of raw materials. 

Primarily fats are highly susceptible to degradation due to their chemical nature and their long carbon chains and variable magnitude of unsaturation leave them vulnerable to a wide range of breakdown pathways. With oxidative and hydrolytic rancidity, certain products start imparting an uncommon, foul odor, which is indicative of the deteriorating quality of food. To avoid this, rancidity testing is a mandate in certain products.

Our testing pathways.

We perform rancidity testing through the following ways:

  • Peroxide Value Testing
  • Free Fatty Acid Testing
  • Acid Value Testing

These tests work to determine the amount of peroxide, lipids, reactive aldehydes and ketones, malondialdehyde, triglyceride structure, and the resistance of a sample to oxidation.

Why choose Mithula Analytics?

By working with Mithula Analytics, you can arrive at the proper results by using the proper testing methods. With our broad assortment of rancidity testing options like Anisidine  value, Hexanal, etc you can select the appropriate test to determine the right results. This aids you in saving time money and of course samples,

If you want to learn more about rancidity testing or you want to seek our rancidity testing services, then you can always Get in touch with us.