Salmonella spp
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Salmonella spp Service

Mithula Analytics offers you effective and reliable Salmonella Spp Tests without any flaws. With our rapid diagnostic tests, you can leverage the power of better diagnostic to make your processing or manufacturing facilities safe.

A brief overview of Salmonella Contamination

Believe it or not, but one of the most devastating bacteria that can affect the food processing environment is Salmonella spp. The foodborne bacterium is responsible for roughly one million cases of illness in the States annually. Typically sufferers experience crams, fevers, diarrhea lasting from around 4-7 days, dehydration, etc. If you want to make your manufacturing facilities free from Salmonella poisoning, then microbiological testing from Mithula Analytics can be your one-stop solution.

How can we help?

Mithula Analytics is well-known for its profound expertise when it comes to pathogen protection and microbiology. The food and facility are tested for Salmonella spp by experienced and credentialed food scientists through avant-garde methods that are approved by the Association of Official Analytical Chemists.

Irrespective of whether you have already had a Salmonella outbreak and you want to ensure that it doesn’t happen, or you are just looking for safety precautions, Mithula Analytics can be your ultimate solution for Salmonella detection.Get in touch