Bacterial Plate Count
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Bacterial Plate Count Service

Microbiological contamination of products during the manufacturing and production process is a typical concern in different industries. Whether it is about FDA compliance or adherence to other regulatory norms, Mithula Analytics employees a number of techniques to obtain an estimate of the number of bacteria in certain components of a product.

Why are Bacteria Plate Counts important?

Bacteria plate count tests are typically performed on every batch of products the following manufacture by taking a sample of the product and placing it in a suitable neutralizer broth. Then the dilutions are plated to appropriate growth agar plates that are incubated and analyzed to determine if aerobic bacteria are present in the sample or not. 

If the product is contaminated upon evaluation, further evaluation and possible reformulation are performed for better microbial protection. If the product is free of contaminants then it can be tested for preservative efficacy, stability, and safety prior to distribution. 

Bacterial plate count is important to determine that a certain product is free from bacterial contaminants that are harmful to consumption or usage. To ensure that several industries ranging from food and beverage to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, deploy bacterial plate count.

How can we help?

At Mithula Analytics, we help our customers with determining the bacterial plate count in a given sample. We also provide other kinds of testing services regarding the total plate count that is an estimated figure of microbial load in a sample or an enumeration of all heterotrophic bacteria that grows in aerobic or microaerophilic conditions. 

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