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About Us

Mithula Analytics specializes in providing a unique range of scientific-analytical testing services to clients across multiple industries. To contribute to the health and safety of modern consumers, Mithula Analytics provides high-quality laboratory and advisory services without any flaws. The team at Mithula Analytics believes itself to be a global leader in the environmental, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industry for testing and offers laboratory services for discovery pharmacology, quality assurance, genomics, CDMO, compliance, advanced material science, and more.

At Mithula Analytics our mission is to contribute to a safer and healthier environment by providing our customers with high-quality laboratory research and advisory.

At the core of our analytical operations, we envision delivering excellence through our relentless efforts.

  • Customer-centric approach
  • Quality
  • Accuracy
  • Accountability
  • Competence and Team Spirit
  • Integrity