Bioburden / Air Quality Testing
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Bioburden / Air quality test in food production industry

Air is a potential source of food contamination, but there are several ways to minimize the risk. An environmental sampling program are implemented at food handling companies to monitor for contamination by microorganisms (which may cause food spoilage and food poisoning. Therefore, understanding the quality of air is crucial to the Food Safety and Food Quality Plans at any manufacturing facility. Understanding this insight can prevent product contamination and enable the troubleshooting and halting of any ongoing contamination events that may occur due to poor air quality or microbial presence.

Why Mithula Analytics?

At Mithula Analytics we have a team of experts to analyze the purity of air and will give you the best solutions. We do an overall assessment of air quality in the food production areas. Our team will assist you with end-to-end services, starting from getting samples to giving results and solutions across the globe. Our testing procedures are always customizable as per the industry standards and pricing.

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