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Residue Test Service

Contaminant analysis and chemical residue testing from Mithula Analytics can provide accurate, in-depth detection to trace residue levels of certain elements using innovative techniques. 

Whether it is on commercial or industrial products or the general laboratorial compounds, unknown residues are generally seen on a number of surfaces. The presence of these unknown compounds doesn’t just affect the quality and the performance, but they also compromise the safety of the materials. Understand that residues can be present in any form such as films, discoloration and stains to discrete particles, collection of particles, and more. 

With trace analysis techniques, we identify potentially toxic species and eliminate the occurrence of the species that cause contamination. With our analysis techniques, organizations can save the time and money that they spend on passing quality inspections. The quality is kept at par and the testing prices are kept reasonable.

How can we help you?

Mithula Analytics works by employing a diverse set of techniques that can identify and characterize a wide variety of particles and contaminants. By deploying different screening methods, we provide chemical and morphological information about the morphological composition of residues.

Meet our team

Our team of experienced testing professionals collaborates with enterprises to find appropriate testing strategies for identifying unknown particles and contaminants. The best part about our team is our professionals discuss the sample history like processing, chemical exposure, origin, etc to tailor our approach for testing combinations best suited for samples.

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