Pesticide Testing
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Pesticide Testing Service

Mithula Analytics has set up its own Pesticide Testing services to supplement the resources of the enterprises in quality control of pesticides. The testing facilities are established to aid environmental concerns as well as to test the presence of pesticides in soil or in water.

How can we help?

At Mithula Analytics, we offer comprehensive analysis and testing of several agrochemicals like pesticides with our extensive process knowledge and testing lab facilities. The Analysis is performed as per both National as well as International Standards and the in-house validation methods are closely considered for accurate analysis.

Our Processes

  • We undertake research in agrochemical analytical technology for advancing pesticide formulation research.
  • In the most comprehensive manner, we understand the development of pesticides thereby fostering safety and quality as per the regulatory standards
  • By replacing the conventional methods with precise, instrumental, timesaving methods of analysis, we curate an impurity profiling of the pesticides while saving time
  • By identifying and quantifying the impurities along with the quantification of the active ingredient we undertake studies for container compatibility, shelf life, and more
  • Our concise testing process includes five batch analyses fundamentally on the generic activities using mass spectrometry and chromatography to identify, separate, and quantify the impurities present apart from the physio-chemical tests, active ingredients, and spectral analysis
  • Residue studies/persistence of the pesticides in soil, water as well as different crop commodities can also be tested.

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