Guaranteed Analysis ( Pets)
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Guaranteed Analysis ( Pets) Service

In today’s world, pet food production is a fast-growing industry and people are adopting more and more pets. Just like human foods, pet parents are being more conscious about their dog and cat’s unique nutritional needs and preferences. To maintain a healthy pet they are giving more importance to the quality and nutrition of a pet. Mithula Analytics is offering guaranteed analysis on pet food products to ensure food label standards of your brand.

Mithula pet food label includes

  • Maximum fiber
  • Maximum moisture
  • Minimum crude fat
  • Crude protein
  • ASH
  • Kcal Content

AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) requires guaranteed analysis, which is the pet food labeling standard. Pet food needs to follow the guideline and labeling as per AAFCO’s rule. No worries because Mithula Analytics is making this task easy for you by keeping in check-

  • Ingredient list
  • Nutritional statement
  • Amount per container
  • Caloric content statement
  • Manufacturer’s information
  • Drugs and additives
  • Feeding directions
  • Intended Species

At Mithula Analytics we are providing guarantee analysis according to all the information including outline label as requirements and ingredients list provided in the particular feed. We have a team of expert microbiologists, who can analyze the sample of your product accurately.

If you need the in-depth analysis offered by a complete Nutritional Analysis study contact us.