Environmental Microbiology
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Environmental Microbiology Service

At Mithula Analytics, we help our clients in monitoring the water and air quality for microbes, hence providing them a full auditing and consultancy service. With our industry-recognized analysis, you can monitor different environmental aspects for microbes and other contaminants. Along with full-auditing and concise sampling, our qualified microbiologists are capable enough to conduct a wide range of chemical tests for environmental microbiology.

What do we offer?

  • Sample collection and testing for effluent/ wastewater management
  • ¬†Microbiological indoor air quality testing services
  • Characterization of microbes with rapid microbial identification
  • Oilfield chemical approval and fuel contamination assessment
  • Microbial induced corrosion testing
  • Bioremediation with field experimental studies to determine the most appropriate conditions
  • Microbial monitoring for a wide range of industries

Why Choose Mithula Analytics?

Monitoring microbial activities is crucial for a wide range of industries and Mithula Analytics specializes in offering comprehensive testing and extensive experience for a wide variety of sample matrices. Our experts provide testing services for different biotechnological, environmental, and other industries. The services include isolation, detection, and confirmation of different microbial organisms. 

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